Why we should turn down the Covid-19 vaccine — at least for now

Figures don’t lie

This is a caution to all people, but especially those I care about most — my family and friends. I am not a scientist, nor do I hold advanced degrees. I just read a lot. A whole lot. I’m an accountant by education and trade — a numbers guy, a bean counter, you might say.

Something needs to be said and the media can’t or won’t do it. Their broadcasts are shaped by an eagerness to alarm. There’s more revenue in alarming people than speaking calmly to them. Sick and scared — that’s what’s best from their perspective. Healthy, calm people do not bring in the same cash flows. That’s what the evidence says.

After poring over thousands of pages of material on the urgent matter of the pandemic and more importantly on the race for a vaccine, it’s my duty to tell you the results of my findings and I’ll do so in simple words.

There should be no hurry to get the vaccine. Give it a year or so. People who take the vaccine risk developing severe chronic illnesses in five years or so. Some may lose their lives. Let others go ahead and be the beta testers and guinea pigs. There are risks, as I will make clear to you. If I only plant a small amount of skepticism in your minds, then I’ve been successful. I’ve done my job and can rest a little more comfortably.

Okay, how did I come to this dire conclusion? It didn’t start or end with ideology or beliefs or rumors. It started with hard work and ended with careful inferences. Let’s take a look.

There is no pandemic-related death surge

The line “figures don’t lie” has a follow-on: “but liars figure.” In other words, statistics themselves are straightforward but they can be willfully misinterpreted by people with axes to grind and agendas to advance.

The virus we know as Covid-19 is above all else a type of influenza. Such viruses have been with us since scribes first wrote accounts of strange illnesses sweeping ancient civilizations. Most people, animals, and other organisms will eventually carry the present virus. However, attaching the ominous name “Covid-19” and spreading the word across the globe has endowed it with a psychological virulence that exceeds its biological one. Panic has ensued. Early forecasts of millions of death saw to that.

Let’s look at the annual world death rate (https://www.worldometers.info/). The rate of death in the world has been increasing by about 1.2% every year. In 2020 we see about 59 million deaths worldwide. As of now there are about 1.8 million deaths from Covid-19. Well, despite this, the world death rate is about 0.8% below average.

If we add 1.8 million dead to the average, we should get more than 1.2%, or simply more than almost 59 million deaths. But we don’t. Moreover, Covid-19 did not develop into any other chronic disease such as kidney failure or heart disease. The figures show that Covid-19 has not added to the number of world deaths. Sorry, that’s what the stats say to this accountant.

Vaccines, old and new (maybe too new)

The current vaccine is based on “memory ribonucleic acid,” or mRNA. This is a new method unlike any other vaccine you’ve had or most likely heard of. The vaccines you’re familiar with are either active or passive. An active vaccine injectssimilar, weakened, or dead viruses in order to stimulate the body to produce the desired antibodies. A passive vaccine injects the antibodies themselves.

Today’s mRNA vaccines are based on a third principle: injecting manufactured proteins designed from the Covid-19. Our immune system identifies these manufactured proteins as foreign and dangerous intruders — definitely not something our body produced. Our immune system then does some manufacturing of its own. It produces antibodies that hunt down and attack the intruders.

The injection is via a “vector” (https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/715527_8). The vector is material that carries or drives other material into the cell. A car carries people, a vector carries medical help.

In the case at hand, the vector is another virus that carries foreign genetic materials (RNA) into the body. The RNA-laden vector penetrates the inner cell, which sees an intruder and produces a new protein to deal with it. The new protein attacks the RNA-laden vector but more importantly it attacks Covid-19 viruses, if they appear on the scene. That’s the underlying principle of both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. The body deals with the protein derived from Covid-19 and the real thing.

This vector vaccination is a form of genetic engineering. Artificially-created material is injected into cells which makes them function in a different way. Moderna states this in its press release, but how many people read it? Besides me, that is.

The risks

These mRNA vaccines are truly amazing. Producing them so quickly might be compared to the space program of the 1960s that put astronauts on the Moon in a most expeditious manner and with few casualties. But the vaccine process was much faster than that. It was even fast by vaccine standards.

Ordinarily, FDA approval takes ten to fifteen years. That’s mainly because of the need to probe for significant side effects — things usually far more serious than rashes and headaches. An Ebola vaccine, which uses the same vector systems as the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, has been makings its way up and down the FDA corridors for twelve years now. And as we all know, the Covid-19 vaccines were given approvals in less than one.

It’s clear, then, that the FDA fast track brushed aside long-standing procedures and clinical tests in order to deal with the pandemic. Testing is still being done now — on us, on the millions of people getting the vaccines. They will of course be monitored for side effects over the years. What if any those side effects will be, we do not know and we may not know for many, many years. Nor do we know how serious they will be — or if some will be fatal.

But medical specialists are sounding warnings.

Dr. MIchel Aran and her colleagues at the Hebrew University see substantial risk that the antibodies will attack healthymuscle tissue. It may not happen at once but the risk is there longer term. Our respiratory system relies on healthy muscle tissue, especially the lungs — the principal targets of Covid-19. The vaccine may trigger a response that attacks the virus and surrounding healthy lung tissue too. As sophisticated as the vaccines are, they may not be so sophisticated as to distinguish between the virus and healthy lung tissue the virus attaches itself to. There may be what might be called “collateral damage.”

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg and Dr. Michael Yeadon are concerned that material in the vaccine may cause fertility problems. The reason is simple. The virus protein resembles a normal protein that helps make placenta. The manufactured antibodies may well hunt down this protein as well.

The vaccine includes a material called PHD and most people (ca. 70%) develop an antibody against PHD once injected. The reaction is not just around the point of injection, but all over the body. Severe allergies may ensue. In some cases death may follow.

The virus may come away from the battle with the vaccine all the stronger. This is called “antibody-dependent enhancement” (ADE). The virus binds (“glues”) to the antibody, becomes a new complex structure, and causes additional serious problems. This ADE phenomenon is the main reason that other vaccines have failed.

The problem is more serious when the antibody level falls and the virus struggles back. That’s why the vaccine is given in two phases. Some people may become dependent on the vaccine and will need routine followup injections. This isn’t completely known for many months or years. The FDA’s fast-track approval means we may have a problem down the road, albeit a very long one.

The FDA lists twenty-two potential side effects, though it prefers to call them “possible adverse event outcomes.” Number twelve on the list is death.

My friends, I care very much for all of us going through this terrible situation. Let’s hope we can get past it and go on to live long and happy lives! Let’s bear in mind an old saying though: The sheep will spend their entire life fearing wolves, only to be eaten by shepherds.


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